‘Vietnamese duo’ Ngo Din Nai (SK Rent-a-car) and Mamin Calm (NH Nonghyup Card) are moving fiercely.

Ngo Dean Nai defeated Kang Ho Sang-dae 3-1 (15:12 15:2 15:1 15:3) won a come-from-behind It is the first time Ngo Dean Nai has advanced to the semifinals. 스포츠토토

Ngo Dean Nai lost the first set in a close match that went all the way to 10 innings, but won completely by finishing the 2nd to 4th sets in 4 to 6 innings. Ngo Dean Nai showed off his climax by scoring 11 high runs in the 2nd set and producing 7 long hits in the 3rd and 4th sets.

Ngo Dinnai had reached the quarterfinals last season, his debut year, but with the victory on this day, he reached the quarterfinals for the first time. He had twice reached the round of 16 earlier this season.

Ngo Din Nye has excellent technical skills, but sometimes shows weakness in dealing with crises. There are also cases where he goes ahead but fails to make a decisive blow and loses in a come-from-behind match. However, as his ability to adapt to the PBA stage increases, his dream of reaching the summit for the first time in history is inflated.

Vietnam’s signboard, Mamin Cam, has also risen to the quarterfinals and is driving a storm in Vietnam. Maminkam, who won the championship for the first time in the High1 Resort boat in December last year, is hastening its steps to the top with its unwavering performance in this competition.

Of course, the biggest challenge is the confrontation with teammate Cho Jae-ho (NH Nonghyup Card) scheduled for the evening of the 23rd. Maminkam has never faced Jaeho Cho in an individual match. However, as Jo Jae-ho is the best player in Korea, and he overcame the elimination crisis against Park Dong-jun in the round of 16, there is a possibility that he will come out mentally strong.

PBA adviser Nam Do-yeol said, “Vietnam’s proven players are gradually showing off their skills on the PBA stage. Maminkam opened the way. There is a possibility that Vietnamese players’ march to the top will continue in the future.”

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