Hanwha Life Esports’ performance is reviving thanks to the rebound in Kim “Clid” Tae-min.

After suffering the first loss of the season to T1 on the 2nd, Hanwha Life Insurance recovered its 50% win rate by capturing DRX on the 4th. They have 3 wins and 3 losses (+0) and are ranked 6th. Previously, they played sluggish matches against Liv Sandbox, KT Rolster, and Gen.

Finally, the destruction tank was started. Hanwha Life Insurance received a lot of expectations even before the start of the season with a splendid roster, but unexpectedly showed a sluggish performance at the beginning of the season. During the losing streak, it seemed like Kim “Zecca” Geon-woo was holding on to a log alone. But recently, thanks to the five players organically solving the game, they won two victories.

In particular, in the last 3 weeks, it is a good thing for Hanwha Life that the team’s guide, Kim Tae-min, showed improved performance compared to the 1st and 2nd weeks. He showed signs of rebound from the T1 match. In the last 3 sets, he completed mid-bottom care and made the team combination come alive. In the ensuing DRX match, he steals an important object and gives the team victory. In recognition of that contribution, the second POG point of the season was added.

He recorded 11 kills, 5 deaths, and 23 assists (KDA 6.8) in the T1 match, and 6 kills, 5 deaths, and 17 assists (KDA 4.6) in the DRX match. Ellis, who has emerged as a tier 1 jungler champion, combined well with his aggressive nature and produced good results. Kim Tae-min has recorded 2 wins and 1 loss with the Ellis in his last two games. 스포츠토토

Coach Choi In-gyu said, “Recovering confidence is the secret to improving Kim Tae-min’s performance.” Coach Choi said at the press conference after the DRX match, “During the losing streak, the trust between the jungler and the laners was partially broken. (Kim Tae-min) must have felt psychological pressure. There was a situation where he couldn’t find the right answer even in the game,” he said.

Because of this, at the beginning of the season, he had a difficult time, such as giving a solo kill to the opponent’s jungler at the beginning of the game, but thanks to the support of his teammates, he got back on track. Director Choi said, “As the team members waited patiently and sacrificed themselves for the jungler, Taemin found some time to spare. It seems that his confidence has also improved and his confidence has risen.”

Hanwha Life Insurance will face off against Brion and Dplus Kia in the fourth week. Brion is recording the same 3 wins and 3 losses, and Diple Kia is recording 4 wins and 2 losses, one win ahead of Hanwha Life Insurance. In order to jump to the top of the table, it is necessary to obtain points against two teams that are performing similarly.

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