The Chinese women’s national soccer team, which had a media day before leaving the country, expressed its determination for the World Cup.

The media day before the departure of the 토토사이트 Chinese women’s soccer team was held on the 5th. Chinese women’s national soccer team coach Xu Qingxia, striker Wang Shan-shan and midfielder Yao Wei appeared in a media interview (Korea’s Media Day).

Asked about the team’s situation, Shu Ching-sha said, “We have been preparing for the World Cup in two stages, including training of reserve players to select the final roster and training of players selected from the final roster. In that sense, the team’s condition is not 100% yet. He replied, “I will train hard so that the team can get up to its best condition.”

Asked about the expected performance, he said, “The Asian Cup and the World Cup are on different levels, but it is not enough to catch up with the world’s top yet. I will challenge with a smile no matter what difficulties I face. The coach-coach team will also make efforts to help the players do their best. “I hope the fans will also give me their support,” he replied.

Wang Shan-shan, who has made three World Cup appearances, said, “I want to show the spirit of Chinese soccer. “I’m still recovering from an Achilles tendon injury, but I’ll show my best performance at the World Cup,” he said. Wang Shan-shan also played in a friendly match against Switzerland in April due to an Achilles tendon injury. However, since he is included in the final list, he is expected to play as a Joker card in the second half of the World Cup.

Midfielder Yao Wei said, “I’m in the process of joining the team and building teamwork with my team members,” but added, “I’m so happy to be on the final list.”

In 2022, China beat Korea to win the Asian Cup. As a result, China, which lifted its ninth trophy, is considered to have the strongest power among Asia.

The Chinese women’s national soccer team, which left for Adelaide, Australia on the 7th, will play warm-up matches against Brazil on the 13th and Colombia on the 17th. Korea will finish its preparation with a warm-up match against the Netherlands in Australia on the 16th

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