“This time, it will definitely get better 토토사이트.”

Samsung manager Park Jin-man (47) said about managing David Buchanan (34). Injury is something you never know when it will happen. He said that he would make the mound if it got better. I’m anticipating the weekend.

Director Park Jin-man met with reporters at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on the 29th and said, “There are times when Buchanan said he was sick today, and then he said he was normal again tomorrow. The schedule for the start is not known yet. He said, “I think it might be possible over the weekend.”

He continued, “They say it hurts, but they say it’s back again. Not particularly injured. The back is uncomfortable. Dam symptoms. I’ll see for sure this time. He emphasized, “I will keep checking with the training part and upload it when it is clear.”

According to the original schedule, Buchanan was to start on the 29th. However, Samsung predicted Choi Chae-heung as a starter. There is something wrong with the body.

On the 16th, he came down after only 2 innings against LG in Daegu. During the pitch, he developed symptoms of choking in his neck. He couldn’t continue pitching and was ripped out early.

On the 22nd, he started again against Hanwha in Daejeon. He showed off a good pitching of 7 innings and 2 runs (visa book). He threw 95 until the 6th inning, but even got on the mound in the 7th and took responsibility himself. It is fighting spirit.

However, he had not yet fully recovered. This time he felt something wrong in his back. He’s not hurt, but he has some discomfort. He decided that climbing to the top would not be easy, and let him rest for a while.

First of all, it is expected that you will be able to see Buchanan in NC and home 3 consecutive weekends. However, this is not definitive. Right away, the director came forward and openly said that he would use it only when his physical condition improved completely.

In a way, it is a necessary part for both Samsung and Buchanan. Like an ace, he is doing his job well. He is 8-6 with a 2.91 earned run average in 23 games and 142.1 innings.

But it’s also true that he’s throwing a lot. It is fourth in the league in innings and third in pitches (2297). It is also a way to save when you can. There is no reason to go on the mound with a problem with your body.

I’ve been through more than a few times already. In June, I felt pain in the back of my hand and fell out once, and in July, I couldn’t come out because gout symptoms occurred in my knee.

When I’m on the mound, I do my best. On the 11th, in the literary SSG match, he threw a whopping 127 pitches and showed a quality start (QS) counterattack with 2 runs in 6 innings. He also threw 116 against Hanhwa on the 22nd.

This is also what fans are concerned about. he throws a lot He has a good fighting spirit, and he likes the responsibility of an ace. He is sick instead, but it is not something to endure. Knowing this, director Park Jin-man also said ‘completely healed’.

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