After playing for Juventus for 12 years, Leonardo Bonucci seemed to be among the legends, but he is preparing to file a complaint after moving his team as if he were being kicked out.

Bonucci is preparing a lawsuit against Juventus, according to Italian media such as “Zanluca Di Marzo.” Bonucci joined Juventus in 2010 when he was a promising player and played for a total of 12 years. Except for playing for AC Milan for a year in the 2017-2018 season, he played for Juventus throughout. During this period, he also made significant achievements in the Italian national team, including the runner-up in Euro 2012 and the victory in Euro 2020, protecting the rear of Juventus with his national team teammates. Andrea Barcharli, Gianluigi Buffon, and Giorgio Chiellini left one after another, and Bonucci broke up with Juventus this summer. He moved to Union Berlin, Germany, and will return to the UEFA Champions League (UCL).먹튀검증

The start of the problem is that the transfer process was not smooth. Bonucci, 36, who has been pushed out of the starting position since last season, has been steadily receiving messages to leave, such as not being assigned a back number and being excluded from team training this summer. Juventus eventually released Bonucci as a free agent without receiving a transfer fee.

Bonucci says his image has been damaged and insulted by weeks of persuasion. The grounds for the lawsuit are that his players have the right to participate in proper training, but were not provided with the environment, and that the treatment of each club’s players agreed by the Italian Association was not observed.

Bonucci had to use a separate training ground in the evening after Juventus’ first-tier training, and he did not meet the coaching staff. It was also prohibited to use the team’s training facilities. Attorney Antonio Conte, whose name is Bonucci’s past director and the same name, is in charge of the lawsuit.

At the same time, Bonucci declared that he would donate all the money he received if he wins, saying he would make it clear that it was a lawsuit to clean up his image and set a good precedent. It will donate to civic groups and sports-related facilities in Turin for children in need of neurosurgery treatment.

Bonucci’s move could have a major impact on football practice. It used to be accepted as an act that the club could do by custom to exclude players from training and leave them out of the soccer team. If Bonucci wins the lawsuit and creates a precedent, players subject to release will not be able to be kicked out of the locker room in the future.

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