KIA is aiming for a full-fledged rise 스포츠토토 in the rankings in the second half. The winning move is a foreign pitcher. I changed both of them. Mario Sanchez (29) and Thomas Panoni (29). Sanchez, in particular, made a strong impression on his debut. There was a reason. have a different mentality.

Sanchez started against Suwon KT on the 9th and showed off his quality start (QS) pitching with five hits (one home run) in 6.1 innings, 10 strikeouts and one run with no outs. Thanks to this, KIA also won 5-1. It was a five-game winning streak.

It was the first appearance of a substitute foreign pitcher, so attention was inevitably drawn. And Sanchez lived up to his team’s expectations by showing solid pitching.

I didn’t spray a terrible fastball. The average speed was 142 kilometers per hour. Instead, the ball control was good. It also has a breaking ball. He used the curve, slider, and change-up freely. His chemistry with catcher Kim Tae-gun was perfect.

Unique check movements and double-kicking have also become a hot topic. As a result, the checks were not a problematic. Among them, there was an answer from the referees to “maintain consistency.”

Head coach Kim Jong-kook said, “I don’t think he cares much. He seems to have a fighting spirit. If you do it consistently, it’s not matter at all. The judges also said so. “If there is a problem, I say I won’t,” he said.

“The ball power of four-seam or fastball was not outstanding. Overall, he scored a good strike. You use the sweeper well. Change-up and slider are also good senses. You can hit a strike and take it out. I felt like I wasn’t avoiding it. “I know how to fight with my opponent,” he said, leaving a favorable comment.
Sanchez is also full of confidence. “The most focused on the catcher was the fastball and the sweeper. I’m not going to come to the new league and take the test. Baseball has different characteristics for each batter, and today and tomorrow are different. “It’s to plan for the game,” he said.

He also said, “The ball thrown in the U.S. and the ball in the KBO League seem to be similar. Rather, the official Taiwanese ball felt too soft. It took time to adjust. The KBO League ball is not much different from the U.S. ball. It wasn’t difficult to adapt, he added.

Regarding the adaptation to the KBO League, he also said, “It doesn’t seem to be much different from U. Intelligent, trying to hit hard. I don’t think baseball is noticeably different from country to country anyway. Baseball is all the same. “I don’t think it’s an exceptional feature of the KBO League,” he pointed out.

“Overall, it’s good. Tim treats me like a family. It helped me a lot to adjust at first. I feel like I’ve been on this team for a long time. KIA is a team with a lot of fans. I like it, too. There were many KIA fans during the expedition. It motivated me. “Thanks to him, I was able to throw better,” he stressed.

As for double-keying, “Double-keying itself is not a problem because of the referee at the time.” To do it, you have to go with the same form for every pitch. If you want to do it, continue from the beginning,’ he said. If you use it once, it’s against the rules.” It’s been a long time. I’m not sure how my pitching style would change if banned. I hope there will be no significant impact,” he said, approaching carefully.

He called himself a “two-faced man.” “Remove all obstacles during the game and focus on the game thoroughly. I think that’s why. Instead, there is a calm peace in the mind. I’m that kind of player. I’m different from me on the mound. Wouldn’t that be the case for everyone?” he said with a smile.

Finally, “I’m trying to restore my original restraint. I hope so. However, regaining restraint is not everything. “I’m going to focus on increasing my speed while maintaining my strength,” he said, expressing his determination to get better.

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