“It’s crazy hot,” I doubted my ears for a moment at the cry of Austin, a foreign batter who spoke Korean with an accurate pronunciation.

Daefrica (Daegu + Africa), where the highest 꽁머니 temperature reached 37 degrees for two days in a row. Fans of the LG Twins who visited Lions Park were impressed by the fan service of Austin, a foreign hitter who knelt down to his knees and signed autographs.

Daegu Lions Park on the 5th, where the second game of the weekend 3-game series between the Samsung Lions and the LG Twins took place. Fans who visited the stadium enjoyed baseball despite the heatwave of Daefrica in the famous game between the two teams, which had been repeating reversals until the end of the game the day before.

Fans who traveled all the way to Daegu to support the LG Twins, who were in first place, energized the players by calling their names whenever they entered the dugout from the ground. At this time, Austin, who found a fan wearing an away uniform and even a hat, was holding the NO.23 Austin uniform, and Austin turned to the dugout.

Austin, who was seated in front of the fence, knelt down to sign the uniform and continued fan service. When the fans around him asked for autographs, Austin made a gesture asking them to throw the uniform over the safety net with a bright expression.

After sitting in front of the fence for a while, Austin signed autographs on cheer sticks, uniforms, baseballs, whatever fans wanted, and then left, waving his hands.

Austin, who was sweating profusely signing autographs for the fans even before the game started, even sent his finger heart to the fans calling him.

Heading to the dugout, Austin shouted “It’s crazy hot” with the correct pronunciation. Choi Dong-hwan approached Austin, who was immediately seated in front of the portable air conditioner to cool off his sweat.

Despite the hot weather of 37 degrees in South Africa, LG away fans who visited Daegu were impressed by the special fan service of Austin, a foreign batter.

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