The controversy over the ‘Jamboree’s hasty administration’ seems to continue. Following ‘unilateral notification’ and ‘sudden change of location’, it is inevitable that the problem of ‘grass damage’ will also be added.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism 메이저사이트 announced that a K-pop performance that doubles as the closing ceremony of the ‘2023 Saemangeum Jamboree’ will be held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium for two hours from 7:00 pm on the 11th.

The performance venue was initially changed from Saemangeum to Jeonju World Cup Stadium, then to Seoul World Cup Stadium.

The event was scheduled to be held in the Saemangeum area, but the venue was suddenly changed to Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 6th due to heat waves and inadequate facilities. 

Originally, Jeonbuk was scheduled to play Incheon United in the FA Cup semi-finals at home on the 9th, and then play Suwon Samsung in the K League 1 on the 12th. Due to an event controlled by the central government, Jeonbuk suddenly gave up their homeroom, and hurriedly notified fans of the schedule change for the 2nd home game. In the process, Jeonbuk even suffered financial damage by promising refunds to fans who had already booked tickets.

However, a day later (7th), the venue was changed to Seoul World Cup Stadium due to the landfall of Typhoon Kanun.

Jeonbuk can use the home stadium again, but the FA Cup against Incheon on the 9th will eventually be unable to play as usual. The Korea Football Association, which organizes the tournament, announced on the 8th that it would postpone the match. He added, “Due to variables related to the ‘World Scout Jamboree Event’, I feel sorry for the disruption to the schedule and preparations of soccer fans who planned to watch the game, and both clubs preparing for home and away games.” .

The K-League match between Jeonbuk and Suwon Samsung on the 12th kicks off as scheduled.

The K-League and its fans are suffering from the one-sided notice and the back and forth administration of the Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree. However, the wave of controversy does not end here.

As large-scale concert events are held on the grass, there is a high possibility that the grass at the Seoul World Cup Stadium will be damaged. With a large number of people expected to gather, it seems that damage will be inevitable even if we put our heart and soul into preserving the lawn.

Since it is the lawn of the Seoul World Cup Stadium, which has recently received favorable reviews, the holding of this concert leaves much to be desired. On July 30, heavy rain poured down before the kick-off between Atletico Madrid and Manchester City at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, but the match was played well close to normal with quick drainage and stable recovery. It was admirable that Man City played the game through quick maintenance despite heavy rain. 

In 2021, the Seoul World Cup Stadium completely replaced the sand in the grass planting layer, raising the drainage performance to the highest level. Hybrid turf is a mix of natural and artificial turf. It drained well even in heavy rain. 

It became inevitable that the lawn would be damaged. When the grass is damaged, the damage is seen by the K-League and soccer fans. Players have to play on turf that suddenly changes, and that’s what fans see. First of all, on the 13th, after the concert, Seoul will be empty. Leaving for an expedition to Daejeon.

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