Anyang Mayor Choi Dae-ho said on his SNS on the 28th, “As the owner of FC Anyang, I strongly protest the unfair judgment of the Korea Football Association 스포츠토토 and the Korea Professional Football Federation.”

Mayor Choi said, “Despite the hot weather, we can’t just watch the sacrifices of players who pour out their bloody training and energy to get one point as the owner of FC Anyang. On the 24th, he asked the Professional Football Federation for a responsible answer to the controversy over the misjudgment against Busan.However, I received a reply that there was no problem with the referee’s unfair judgment, which was applied very unfavorably only to FC Anyang,” he said.

He said, “After the game, complaints and complaints are also growing that even soccer fans who have seen the video analysis of the game cannot understand the decision. He said, “It’s the same referee in the same game, but Anyang had two goals stolen by different standards.”

Mayor Choi said, “It’s the moment when the blood and sweat of the players pouring out every game is in vain due to the referee’s misjudgment. If there is no official apology from the Professional Football Federation and the referee committee, which are in a hurry to protect my family, I will use strong means and methods. “I hope soccer fans will also watch the video and judge it,” he added.

Mayor Choi posted two related videos on Facebook.

When Mayor Choi posted a video on Facebook, the comment said, “There is a clear misjudgment that even I, an amateur, cannot understand, but experts have to continue to eat or show well on what basis they judge it as a penalty.”

Is it power or control of unknown power? “Please be fair and not biased in sports…”, “Sports requires fair play and sportsmanship, but the first video is a continuous movement, and the second video is also defended with a normal play movement, but I think the Busan team should be disciplined and not qualified as a biased referee.”

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