Pro baseball prospects KIA Yoon Young-chul and Hanwha Moon Dong-ju are in the middle of training at their team’s spring camp.

He is also developing his dream of becoming the rookie king this season by fighting against each other in real matches.

This is reporter Jo Han-dae.


“(Spring Camp) go and see how well the ball I throw works, and if there is anything lacking, start from there one by one…”

Yun Young-cheol, a 19-year-old high school graduate rookie of the KIA, who said he wanted to test his skills before his departure.

He hit the real stage with a match between the KIA and the WBC national team. 스포츠토토

Yoon Young-chul, who took the mound as the team’s second pitcher in the top of the 3rd inning, gave up 4 hits and 2 runs against top domestic hitters, but showed a ‘gut pitching’ with no walks.

Hanhwa Moon Dong-ju, who is waiting for this season as much as Yoon Young-cheol, is a ‘professional second year’ against the Dutch national team.

Moon Dong-ju, who was the starter, treated Andrelton Simmons, a former big leaguer, with a ground ball out, and infielder Didi Hrehorius struck out after 10 pitches.

Moon Dong-ju, who struck out two in one and a half innings and gave up only one walk, threw a scoreless pitch and came off the mound with a bright expression on his face.

He recorded a maximum speed of 156 km, but did not hide his desire to further improve his body during the remaining training period.

“It seems to be coming up well and it is not perfect yet, but I think it is not perfect yet because I am preparing well and there are many things to prepare for in the future.”

Pro baseball prospects, armed with unflinching spirit, are sweating hard to shake up the KBO league this season.

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