Coach Enze Postecoglou is receiving very positive reviews inside Tottenham.

Reporter Aldier Gold, who works as a reporter exclusively for Tottenham in the UK’s “Football London,” shared on his personal SNS channel on the 14th (Korea Standard Time) how coach Postecoglou is being evaluated inside Tottenham.

He said, “I heard from officials around the youth players. Just because coach Postekoglu is focusing on the first division does not mean he has not approached the youth academy staff. The young players who received the phone call to train with Postecoglou are said to be surprised by the training of Postecoglou and the coaching staff,” he said, explaining that he is receiving positive reviews internally.

In the past, Tottenham had a lot of fun by actively hiring young academy graduates. However, recently, players from youth have not been able to become the main players of the first division. Looking at their recent histories, they are Harry Winks, Jaffet Tanganga and Oliver Skip.

Winks once played as a main player, but the period is very short. Tanganga is no more than a bench member. Skip will have to wait and see, but he is not easily surviving the first-tier main competition. One of the complaints from fans was that Tottenham’s youth system was neglected through the years of Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte, who do not like to appoint young players.온라인바카라

Compared to his predecessors, Postecoglou has no qualms about appointing promising players. This season alone, Destiny Udoji and Pape Matasar are contributing tremendously to the team’s rise. Coach Postecoglou seems to be even motivating players growing in the youth academy to train in the first division.

“Postecoglou made a big impression on all the young players who participated in the training session,” Gold said. “I also have a good image for all the coaching staff at the youth academy,” he added.

Expectations for him coexisted with concerns even when he announced the appointment of Postecoglou. The lack of experience in coaching big leagues and big clubs was the main reason for those who criticized the club that would bring coach Postecoglou.

However, despite losing the best player in the club’s history, Postecoglou quickly stabilized the team very quickly. It is moving in a positive direction beyond the level of stabilization. If this continues, Postecoglou will be the most beloved head coach since Mauricio Pochettino.

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