“I think you only need to think about the second half of the 140km range.”

When you think of Hanwha right-hander Han Seung-hyeok (30), it is true that he has a rough image. This is because, after joining KIA in the 8th place in the 1st round of 2011, he killed the spirit of hitters with a fastball in the early to mid 150km range. Moreover, uneasy control and commands are always followed by homework.

As time went by, Han Seung-hyuk naturally reset his keywords with balance and control rather than speed. He did the same even after he finished his military service. In the 2022 season, he was included in the starting rotation with the opening and showed a pretty good figure.

Of course, I couldn’t show consistency and had another yongdusami season. Still, based on the baseball statistics site Statties, Han Seung-hyuk’s average speed of fastballs in the 2022 season was 147.9 km. 2021 is 149.3 km. In his more than 10 years in the pros, he’s learned that speed isn’t everything. Compared to his wild form in the past, he naturally changed to a form that emphasizes balance and control.

In November of last year, through a trade, he left the familiar KIA and wore a Hanwha uniform. On the 11th (hereafter Korean time), Hanwha Spring Camp at Bellbank Park in Mesa, Arizona, USA, “We are preparing for the season with a new feeling in a new team. It’s the same start every year, but it feels different.”

Han Seung-hyuk was scheduled to pitch in the bullpen that day, but was delayed due to poor physical condition. “I haven’t heard anything about the position yet. I will gradually increase the number of pitches according to my physical condition. I’m trying to improve my pitch, and the pitching mechanic hasn’t changed much.” 메이저사이트

Regarding the trade, “It’s true that I didn’t think about it. This is a great opportunity for me. You just need to prepare well. Baseball is the same everywhere. I was in the same team with coach Lee Dae-jin for a long time, and I turned around and met again. It will help you a lot.”

I looked back at the 2022 season calmly. The rise in April, which recorded 1 win in 4 games and an average ERA of 2.28, was cut short due to residual injuries. The final result was 4 wins and 3 losses in 24 matches, and an average ERA of 5.27. Han Seung-hyuk said, “His stamina fell faster than I thought. When you’re young, you have power, so the time for unnecessary motion correction is short, but if you lose power, sometimes things don’t go as you think.”

This is the second camp you will welcome after completing your military service. Han Seung-hyuk said, “In the first season after his discharge, there was a lot of concern about his injury, so he was careful about using his body. He wants to be stronger this season than he was last year. He is preparing by paying attention to his fastball pitches. He expects it to be better than last year.”

He believes that average velocity is more important than maximum velocity to improve his pitch. Also, restraint is important. Han Seung-hyuk said, “Speed ​​varies depending on position, but average speed is still important. He intends to raise it a bit more than last year. Just think about the latter half of the 140km range. What is important is restraint. And it shouldn’t hurt.”

The day will come when he will face his parents KIA as enemies. Han Seung-hyuk said, ‘Wouldn’t he try to win if he met KIA. I think you’ll be happy though. On the pitch, I will put that kind of mind aside for a while. The KIA lineup is so strong that I want to stick with it.”

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