I didn’t even turn around the halfway point of the season, but I already passed last season’s points. Kim Yeon-kyung (34) The momentum of Heungkuk Life Insurance, which has been well-received, is getting hotter. 

Heungkuk Life Insurance won the third round match against KGC Ginseng Corporation held at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on the 17th with a set score of 3-1. I gave up the first set, but won the come-from-behind victory by taking down sets 2-4. 

Heungkuk Life Insurance, which recently won 5 consecutive wins, solidified its second place with 12 wins and 3 losses and 35 points. 1st place Hyundai Engineering & Construction (13 wins) played two less games than Heungkuk Life Insurance, but the points are the same. Heungkuk Life Insurance finished 6th with 10 wins, 23 losses and 31 points last season, but this season is already 35 points after 15 games. 

Undoubtedly, the biggest difference between Heungkuk Life Insurance, which has renewed the atmosphere under the new coach Kwon Soon-chan, is the existence of Kim Yeon-kyung. Although he has become a 34-year-old veteran before he knows it, he is showing top-class results in offense and defense with the 2nd in attack success rate (45.09%) and 6th in receiving efficiency (48.70%). 

On the 17th, the Ginseng Construction Exhibition also showed the true value of Kim Yeon-kyung. After giving away the first set, the atmosphere changed with 스포츠토토 three consecutive quick-open scores compared to the beginning of the second set. Kim Yeon-kyung, who led the attack with a team-high 6 points including 1 blocking in the 3rd set, dominated the court without a single attack point in the 4th set. 

In 3-3, Heungkuk Life Insurance took the win early with a whopping 9 consecutive goals during Kim Yeon-kyung’s subtime. He broke the Ginseng Corporation’s receive by repeating the purpose-hit serve in the direction of Lee So-young without a single room. With two sub aces and one blocking, he scored 3 points in the 4th set without an attack point, completing Heungkuk Life’s reverse electrode. 

Heungkuk Life coach Kwon Soon-chan said before the game that day, “(Kim Yeon-kyung and Kim Hae-ran) have to arrange physical strength, but since they are the main players, that situation is not possible. I am sorry and grateful to the players,” and Kim Yeon-kyung proved the reason on this day. Even after the game, coach Kwon praised the team, saying, “The first set started off badly, but Yeon-gyeong relieved them from the second set, and the whole team atmosphere changed.” 

Hyundai E&C is running an undefeated march with 13 consecutive wins from the opening, but Heungkuk Life Insurance in second place is not escaping from the pursuit. The fight for the V-League women’s division ranking, which almost halved the box office factor due to extreme polarization from the beginning of the season, is also developing interestingly along with the rise of Heungkuk Life Insurance. Without Kim Yeon-kyung, Hyundai E&C would have been a bland soloist.