Is this a surprise selection?

Lee Yong-chan, the closer of the NC Dinos and pitcher of the WBC national team, may start the match against Australia, the first match of the first round of the WBC.

On the 9th (hereafter Korean time), Lee Yong-chan told a surprising story after the 5th bullpen pitching at Annex Field in Tucson, Arizona, USA. WBC national coach Lee Kang-cheol talked about the selection for the match against Australia.

Lee Yong-chan said, “I met manager Lee Kang-cheol by chance at a restaurant the night before, and he asked me how to start for the game against Australia.”

Manager Lee Kang-cheol has an idea to appoint pitchers against Australia, taking advantage of Australia’s batters’ weakness in breaking balls. Lee Yong-chan has the best forkball in the KBO League. He has been working as a closer lately, but in 2018 he won 15 games as a starting pitcher. He has a career record of 57 wins, 56 losses and 128 saves. 토토사이트

When asked about the possibility of starting, Lee Yong-chan said, “It’s not easy.” Lee Yong-chan has experience as both a starting pitcher and a bullpen pitcher. However, Lee Yong-chan said, “There are some uncomfortable points because the selection and the bullpen are different.”

Lee Yong-chan said, “I used to start and then go to the bullpen, but it’s very difficult to change that pattern.” said.

Preparations for the WBC are progressing steadily. Lee Yong-chan, who raised the number of pitches to 70 in five bullpen pitchings, said, “I have raised the number of pitches. Now, I plan to reduce the number of pitches and increase the intensity to prepare for actual combat.” When Lee Yong-chan asked if there was a hitter he wanted to meet at the WBC, he said, “I can only think of blocking the opponent when I go out and coming down.”

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